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The heart of the Soroptimist mission is to make a difference for women through volunteer service to the community. Projects are carefully chosen to address challenges unique to todays women with a focus on education that leads to economic independence.

Empowering Local & Global Women and Girls 

Investing in Dreams

Single moms struggling to care and provide for their family and hoping for a better tomorrow.  Girls who haven't yet found their voice and are unsure how to move toward the future of their dreams.  You are why we do what we do.  

Check out our Programs for more information.

A Sense of Purpose

"I joined Soroptimist to be an active member of my community and work to help those in need.  It gives me a sense of purpose and great happiness to help women and girls in my community to reach their goals. There is a wonderful feeling of sister-ship among those of us in the group as we have fun and build relationships while working together to better the lives of people in Placer County.

                                                       Lynne Prettyman

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